Why hire a gay life coach? Gay life coaching for gay men.Why Hire A Life Coach?
No fluff...just honest stuff! See for yourself!

I'm not going to write some highly inspirational descriptions about "living your best life," or "discovering your true path," or "getting out of your rut and unstuck."

You're already saying those things in your own head, in some way, shape, and form. I'd rather talk to you about life coaching in a straight-forward, no fluff, manner.

Plus, that's how I am as a coach, so this will also help you decide if I'm the right guy to hook-up with to get you where you want to go.

99.99% of the time, that's exactly why gay men work with a gay life coach...not to hook up, but to get where they want to go faster and with less effort!

Before you decide, "I can do this on my own," let's slow down and be brutally honest. Cast your masculine ego aside and ask yourself this one question,

"If I can do this on my own, then why haven't I already done it?"

I get it! You're a smart guy with talents that I don't even know you have, that can get you where you're going.

In fact, I'm sure you've had some great successes in your life with more just around the corner. What's kicking sand in your face this time, is that things feel different and you're...

  • Spiraling and can't move forward.
  • Blocked by "Who, what, where, when, and how?"
  • The only tune playing on the iPOD of your life is "Someday"

That my friend is only the tip of the iceberg as to why gay guys, just like you work with a Life Coach like me.

It's not because you're failing miserably. Nor is it because you're incapable of making things happen.

Honestly, you work with a life coach because you want something new and different to happen in your life, and you want to short cut the process as quickly as possible. No harm, no foul, so don't start beating yourself up. Instead, check this out!

Top Reasons Gay Men Hire A Life Coach!

  1. Overcome career challenges.
  2. Ramp up their earning potential.
  3. Desire to be more confident.
  4. Ready to maximize their date-ability factor.
  5. Navigate sexuality and coming out issues.
  6. Satisfy the craving to live more authentically.
  7. Improve their relationship with their boyfriend or husband.
  8. Explore life's purpose and live with passion.
  9. Find a satisfying career path.
  10. Create balance in all areas of life.
  11. Preparing for gay marriage and exploring parenthood.
  12. Gain clarity, set and achieve realistic goals.
  13. Building a larger gay social network.
  14. Becoming comfortable in your gay skin and your gay life.
  15. Make better use of your gifts and talents.

Any of this sound familiar? Of course it does! These are typical human desires. And, that's exactly what I do as your life coach. I help you address your human desires and help you find ways to get the muck out of the way so you can enjoy living a fun, happy life that you've created for yourself!