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The True U Process helps you discover how to create the love life you want, as a confident, fulfilled, and happy gay man.

If having casual sex with random men isn't enough for you anymore, your current relationship has gone stale and is dying a slow death, and you're ready for a more meaningful intimate relationship but something is holding you back, then the True U Process is for you.

During this powerful private coaching process, you'll find out what's preventing you from having the love life you want -- and what you can do next to find, and be in, the deep and loving relationship you deserve.

The True U Process Includes:

  • A 20-Minute Online Assessment*
  • A 50-Minute Private Coaching Session

During The True U Process you will:

  • Understand how to move beyond casual sex, and discover what it takes to fall in love and create an intimate connection with another man without feeling trapped or scared.
  • Learn how to stop settling for a mediocre relationship, meaningless flings, the single life, random sex, and gain the confidence to go for the relationships you really want.
  • Uncover what you can do -- starting right now -- to create a love life that makes you happy, without feeling scared, insecure, or like you're not good enough - whether your on the hunt, dating, or in a relationship.
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When Will I Receive Access To The "True U Process" & Debrief Coaching Session?

Your True U Process will be sent to you via email within 24 hours on weekdays, 48 hours on weekends, once payment is received.

Once your assessment is complete, you will receive a second email with an invitation to schedule your debrief session with Rick Clemons, The Gay Man's Life Coach. If you do not receive one of these emails, please contact us via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for assistance.

*The “True U Process” includes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment created by Bruce Schneider, Ph.D., and licensed through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.

Why work should you work with me?

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It's not about my credentials as a Certified Professional Life Coach. Nor is it some secret formula that I've discovered that to help gay men have deeper, more meaningful relationships with themselves and their guy. Don't get me wrong, those things help me, help you, find Mr. Right and rock your relationship with him.

What really counts is my track record. Granted, I'm a divorced guy, who came out late in life, but because of that wonderful 13 year relationship to the mother of my two daughters, I learned awesome lessons in finding and keeping a relationship alive and strong. Ok, so that sexuality thing got in the way, but that hurdle also taught me how to go through a life changing break up with dignity. 

Now, I'm in the long-term relationship I was meant to be in all along. This time, with the guy that rocks my world, kicks my ass, and never let's me forget what love, romance, intimacy, partnership, and sex are all authentically in your relationship. From dating and mating in a "man meet man" world, to co-parenting, blended family style; I'm ready to jump in with you and end your days of relationship roulette.

If you're serious about making positive and significant changes on the romance front of your life, aren’t scared of stepping outside of your comfort zone, and are committed to working and playing hard to achieve your relationship goals, let's partner together to make your relationship desires your relationship realities.

Rick Clemons, CPC, ELI-MP
The Gay Man's Life Coach


true u buy now 157 sale