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Hey, I'm Rick Clemons!

I'm here to put some spice in your world by giving you some tools to help you immediately enrich your life as a gay man. Simple english? Ok! Try this one.

I'm here to help you be a happier gay man!

Wait, before we go there, let's define happiness. I'm not talking about men, money, and material things. We're not settling there.

Happiness means being confident in yourself no matter what, unlocking your passion for living, and knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt you're moving and grooving to your own life purpose!

I'm often told I move to a different beat and that I'm a rebel. To that I say, "Yep!" If I could've chosen my parents, no offense Mom and Dad, I would be the offspring of Tina Turner, Steve Jobs, Meryl Streep, and Tony Robbins.

That's becuase I'm part confident diva, part out of the box life-strategist, part keep it real gurl, with a big dose of make ya think deep kind of guy.

I was born in Colorado and grew up all over the U.S., just becuase that's how we rolled as a family. Thank God! It kept my mind-open and curious for more living.

I tried to be heterosexual for 38 years, which worked until it didn't. When that broke, so did I. That's also when I started living and being me.

Through divorce, coming out, and saying good-bye to a globe-trotting executive career, I woke up. Ok, I was jolted to my senses.


And Now?

I'm here! Living my passion, fulfilling my purpose, and doing what I love.

I inspire gay men to be confident, uncover their passions, and use their gifts to live on purpose.

In fact, Ricki Lake hit me up to be a guest expert on her show about coming out and living authentically as a gay man! A moment in time where I got to use my gifts!

I believe we never stop coming out. I also believe that coming out doesn't discrimiate.

Coming out is a human condition not a sexual identity crisis! We're all coming out of something, everyday in every way.

That's why I do this work. Everyone's coming out of something everyday. And, actually for me it's not work, it's play, discovery, and deliciously satisfying.

All day long I get to have candid conversations with gay men about their lives, what's important to them, and how to bring their desires alive - one-on-one or in group sessions!

I believe you gotta be open, vulnerable, and a little bit scared to step into the ring to build more confidence, pursue your passions, and live your purpose.


My clients tell me I'm a straight-forward, no fluff, big bear hugs, get things done, kind of guy. I agree and add that I hold space for gay men to get raw, down, and dirty with themselves so great stuff can happen.

That's pretty much it! I think I'll call that a wrap other than to invite you to sign-up for my newsletter which always has something quirky, interesting, and useful for getting your gay man's life moving and grooving to cool beat! Click Here or just fill out the form up there on the right-hand side of this page!





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